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Aaron Burnette



Aaron Burnette is the founder and current CEO of ABurnette Marketing Group LLC started out of Phoenix, Arizona back in February of 2010. Aaron is well know in the corporate arena as a forward thinking and team oriented marketing consultant who had an affection for Small Business start ups. 


As ABurnette Marketing Group grew, Aaron saw the need to build even further on the company's Web Design division. As this business grew, the company experienced some of the downfalls associated with outsourcing important business aspects and its affect on project deadlines and completion. Looking for an opportunity and a solution to this, Aaron founded ABurnette Photography. 


"As a small business, I found it important to maximize my resources, limit out of pocket costs, cut out middle men as well as ensure that I am able to deliver quality products to my consumers in a time and cost effective manner. Deciding tobring photography in-house gave us that opportunity."

                           - Aaron Burnette, CEO ABurnette Marketing Group


What started out as a smart business decision, ended up being a personal hobby and passtime of Aaron. Not only has ABurnette Photography been a successfull revenue driving outlet for the company, but it has led to many wonderful business partnerships, networking opportunities and exposure.


On this online portfolio, Aaron shares some of his most proud, intimate, and recent works and personal experiences and travels. Many of the models in these shoots are first timers and are personal friends. Aaron finds the beauty in all things but more importantly portrays every subject with the repect that he holds for what his eye is beholding because all of God's creations are beautiful sights to behold and should be caputred as such.  

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